Dave's Info Edit

Dave is a character in the Dead game Hotline Roblox, he is the strongest and the SLOWEST character in the game, unlocked with a Katana and basically is a Killing machine
Info: None .Abilities: Unknown
Rank unlocked at: 9420832
Amount of uses: 100000000000000000000000000000000000

Trivia Edit

Due to common raging over Dave, the creator was forced to either remove him or nerf him, he was later reworked and turned into a well balanced killing machine

Lifeissohilarious and The Son use the same Katana animation of Dave.

Dave's appearance and weapon are based off the character Dave Strider from the webcomic Homestuck.

Rumors are that Dave is blind, and is indirectly tied to Daredevil

He is also based off of Dave from "The Mad Murderer" because they have the same looks..

Who ever wrote the faggot stuff needs to remind themselves that this is from a kid's game