Marilyn is a character in Hotline Roblox, her ability is to dropkick, she gets up faster than other characters from the dropkick, but it makes her vulnerable to executions.
Abilities: Dropkick
Rank unlocked at: 9
Amount of uses: 3

Trivia Edit

  • Marilyn is modeled after the Janitors from Hotline Miami.
  • Her tactic "Dropkick" is working like that : By pressing SPACE , she moves more quick but with kicking out a legs . Use it to take down someone.
    • By doing that you're undieable.
      • BUT ! To charge again a dropkick need take a some seconds . Be careful.
    • You're can broke window or "parkour" trought window-frame.
    • If you're hit wall you're be land'd back where you're start do that ability.