Player abilities are abilities equippable to the player character, which add extra perks and skills available for unlimited use, as opposed to limited use characters. Due to their unlimited use, they are weaker than abilities equipped on actual characters. These abilities also have higher level requirements than the characters themselves.

Abilities Edit

Juggernaut - Unlocked at level 6, increases player health by 30.

Roll Dodge - Unlocked at level 8, allows the player to dodge under attacks and projectiles, as well as to traverse low barriers. Rick is able to dodge roll more often than the player.

Drop Kick - Unlocked at level 11, allows the character to drop kick, knocking down anybody they hit and leaving themselves vulnerable after the attack. Marilyn is able to drop kick more often than the player.

Painkillers - Unlocked at level 15, allows the character to imbibe pills, increasing their health to 500 for 7 seconds. Alex has a stronger effect, gaining 750 health for 12 seconds.